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Bizzgo - Case Study

Bizzgo is Africa Premier Digital Flea Market. With Bizzgo, you can quickly browse, filter, search and find products being sold near you (approximately 50 kilometers - 30 miles away from you). Electronics, games, clothes, cars, furniture (and much more) are now available to you with a few taps on Bizzgo

Whether you are an individual or a merchant with a physical store, Bizzgo is for you. With Bizzgo you can post for your products for sale and have them available instantly to thousands of people in your area

Trust between buyers and sellers is crucial when buying online. It is why the Bizzgo App enables you to instantly chat with buyers and sellers or call them directly before purchases are made.

Bizzgo is by default secure since no money is currently exchanged through the platform. Bizzgo puts sellers and buyers in touch. The Buyers and Sellers then pick the location where they would like to meet to exchange the money and the products.

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