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  • 08-24-2021
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Today the web is marked by an explosion of digital communications, the need for companies to stand out from their competitors while increasing their visibility, created an advertising saturation as well as a shock of content. The consequence which results from this situation is an overdose of communication and marketing which comes to distort the information and divert the consumer from it. Today the Weblysoft team will take a close interest in the schok content phenomenon theorized by Mark Shaefer. It will focus on the definition of shock content, the risk of start-ups facing this phenomenon and the preferred strategies for content.

A- What is shock content?

Shock content, literally “shock content” is a theory put forward in 2014 by an expert in international marketing: Mark Schaefer. Indeed, it shows that the supply (the amount of web content available) doubles every 9 to 24 months. On the other hand, demand (the ability of users to consume this same content) is not exponential and has even reached its limits.

The amount of content consumed daily is around 12 hours. Producing more content knowing that the time limit is already huge becomes an unproductive action that creates weariness for consumers, who become stifled by this proliferation of content and less attentive to what they are reading. So we come to the content shock.

This situation will result in a drastic drop in the quality of Marketing content, in other words a devaluation of Marketing content. We do not arrive at a situation where consumers by the overdose situation are no longer attracted by marketing content and no longer consideration for them.

B- The risk of start-ups facing the explosion of content.

To survive and continue to be visible on the Internet in a context marked by consumer disinterest in content, here is the procedure for start-ups which generally play on small advertising budgets:

• Make a relevant study of your buyer persona to focus your marketing actions on the right target.

• Choose quality over quantity.

• Alternately publish hot and cold content (feature articles and snack content).

• Limit publication formats and stay focused on publications related to your industry

• Write SEO content to optimize your natural referencing and therefore your positioning on Google.

• Source your publications with sites recognized for their expertise.

• Regularly update your information.

• Reuse existing content by expanding and improving it

C- preferred strategies for improving your content.

1. Slow content

The slow content method consists in producing less, but of quality. The articles are then more detailed, more in-depth and therefore more professional. The goal is to write content that will make reference.

2. The X10 Content

Developed by Garett Moon, CEO of Co Schedule, in his book "10x Marketing Formula", the Content x10 method is part of a global content marketing strategy intended to optimize its visibility on the Internet. It is based on the creation and distribution of useful and original content. The goal of this practice is to do 10 times better than the competition. X10 content is based above all on the user experience with very high added value, useful and interesting content. With X10 Content your publications must contain information not found elsewhere and solve a problem that your prospects are having, your subject must be treated in depth and its presentation must be neat and pleasant, finally your article must be unique, relevant, of quality and trigger a strong emotional response.

3. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is surely the most effective strategy. Combined with the two previous methods, you should see your notoriety, your customer and prospect capture constantly increasing.

In short, the shock content imposes on companies which are deployed on the internet to a professional management of their image. in fact, the time for unnecessary content is over. Consumers today want reliable, concrete information. It is in this perspective of a new vision of communication and digital marketing that Weblysoft appears as the solution for your website, your SEO strategy and the management of your networks.

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