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  • 08-10-2021
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In a digital context marked by information saturation, Internet users find themselves submerged in a flood of content, to such an extent that it becomes difficult to attract their attention. While it is customary to create long content to feed websites and social networks, it must be said that with the saturation of information it would be preferable to opt for short, but impactful content. Snack content, which is the theme designed by the weblysoft team today, refers to the production of short content intended for social networks; we also speak of micro-content. The purpose of snack content is to be engaging enough to attract leads to your website and announced sharing on social networks In the following lines, we will talk to you first on board about the different formats of Snack Content and then we will give you the key points for creating a relevant and effective snack content.

A. The different Snack content formats


Internet users love infographics, they have a very strong impact on social networks. indeed, their playful side captures the audience's attention, their understandings are easy to read. An infographic will allow you to simplify complex information to make it accessible to everyone. You have at your disposal many sites and applications to create superb infographics including AI, Photoshop, Canva etc ...

2.The panels

Their simple format catches the eye and allows you to convey a strong message. In a few words, on a colorful background or a well-thought-out visual, you instantly impact people's minds


Post quotes and you are guaranteed to be very successful, indeed, quotes have strong converting power. But for that, they must be interesting and target your audience. General quotes, views and reviews will not have the same weight on your target audience as those of a recognized expert in your field of activity. Basically developed quotes related to your field of activity that will speak to your audience while arousing in them a full of emotion


The meme has gone very viral on social media. This diverted image accompanied by a humorous, even sarcastic text, is now one of the most engaging media. You will find many tools online like Meme Generator that will come in handy for you to create your meme.


GIF is an animated image that can illustrate your marketing message in a fun way. They are particularly suitable for highlighting an emotion or de-dramatizing complex information. For the creation of your GIFs, you can use Tenor and Giphy which are two free platforms.

6.Short videos

The cropped video kept her gaze wherever she was.

B. How to create an effective snack content?

In this frantic course to optimize their visibility, some companies producing snack content of no interest to consumers. Micro content can even become counterproductive, if not properly used. So that you do not fall into this trap, the Weblysoft team has concocted a recipe for making relevant and effective snack content.

1. Adapt the content of the snack to the platform

Internet users consume differently on Facebook than on Twitter and if you want your snack to be happy with sharing and engagement, it must be adapted to the targeted platform. Adapting Snack content to the platform is nothing more than creating your Snack content by taking into account not only the algorithm requirements of each platform but also the major trends of each platform. In fact, on Twitter and Instagram you will favor very short micro-content such as infographics or GIFs. While on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn, videos of a few minutes will be perfect.

2. Target social networks

Post your content where your audience is. For example, don't waste energy posting on TikTok if your customer base is primarily IG or Facebook

3. Arouse emotion

Emotions are a very powerful lever in marketing. They not only grab attention, but often generate a wave of sharing. Use strong imagery and catchphrase and tell a compelling story.

4. Stand out through originality

It goes without saying that creating the same content as your competitors is counterproductive. On the other hand, relevant and original content has every chance of going viral. So move away from the "déjà vu"

5. Stick to the news

newsjacking is a trend that consists of bouncing off the news and using it in an often humorous snack content. Find news that correlates with your audience and embed it in a GIF, for example. Bounce back on the topical facts in your environment in order to create content related to your company, service offer and benefits

6. Integrate Call-To-Action

When the context is right, do not hesitate to push the user to action with a CTA. Not all formats will allow you to embed a CTA, but signs, quotes or videos are suitable media for redirecting to your website.

7. Take the time to produce quality content

Creating content doesn't happen in a rush; replacing what many people think is a job that requires intellectual skills, prerequisites for observation, creation and intelligibility, but also a good handling of technological tools. So take time in creating your content, because the world is reading you. Webysoft which is a web development agency met at your disposal a management service for your social networks, we develop your digital communication and marketing strategies, we take care of the creation of your content in a complete way.

In sum, as you will have understood, snack content is a real growth lever for your business. It is therefore important that your digital content appeals to your target audience, otherwise it will be zapped. So stay true to your brand image. Like all of your editorial content, your micro-content must contain your professionalism.

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